AEM AWS DevOps Toolkit

Cloud Automation Made Easy in AEM

With Freed Technologies AEM AWS DevOps Toolkit, create self healing AEM environments that manage themselves in a few clicks.  Our cloud automation framework provides a set of build automation tools to manage common AEM cloud tasks.   Our solution creates hourly backups of running AEM instances to ensure you never lose content.

Our framework utilizes AWS Cloud Formation to automate all aspects of launching and maintaining a full AEM environment following best practices.

Cost Effective

Managed service solutions for AEM are costly, and force you to conform to their infrastructure and code deployment methodologies.  The AEM AWS DevOps Toolkit runs in your AWS account and is managed by your staff.

Hot AEM Backups

Never fear losing your content due to repository corruption.  Our framework provides hourly hot backups of AEM instances that can be used to replace failed production instances, or can be used to quickly update your AEM test environments with production data.

Self Healing AEM Environments

EC2 autoscaling, in combination with Lambda and our Python framework ensure unhealthy AEM instances are automatically replaced, while ensuring newly published content is kept intact via our hot backup process.  If repository corruption occurs, easily rollback to an hourly snapshot with a few button clicks.

Build Pipeline Automation

Utilizing our build automation tools, engineering teams can easily automate load and stress testing early in their development life cycle by creating ephemeral AEM environments based on near real time production data.  Changes can be vetted for performance issues as they are pushed to source code repositories.

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