Freed Technologies has been architecting successful AEM and AWS implementations for major publishers since 2010

AEM and AWS Expertise

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AEM & AWS Consulting

Freed Technologies has been architecting successful AEM and AWS implementations for enterprise publishers since 2010


Learn about our AEM add-ons that optimize your editorial and DevOps experiences

Open Source

Use our open source solutions to enhance, monitor, and streamline your AEM implementation

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A Different Consulting Approach

Freed Technologies is not an integrator nor a staff augmentation service.  Instead, we provide organizations senior level AEM architecture and development as well as mentoring of engineering teams. We often act as an advocate for organizations using 3rd party agencies for development to ensure their solutions follow AEM best practices.

AEM AWS DevOps Toolkit

With Freed Technologies AWS DevOps Toolkit, create self healing AEM environments that manage themselves in a few clicks.  Our cloud automation framework provides a set of build tools to manage common AEM cloud tasks and creates hourly backups of running AEM instances to ensure you never lose content.

AEM Smart Body

SmartBody is an AEM component that replaces the standard rich text editor.  It provides editors a streamlined way to create or edit text within a page that is used as story/article content, saving editorial teams time and minimizing frustrations throughout the day.

Sling Application Performance Metrics – Open Source

The open source Sling application performance metric filter sends data to your APM provider about AEM pages, servlets, and components.  It allows you to easily analyze your AEM implementation to find performance bottlenecks slowing down your application.

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